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The beginning: My moneh journey so far

I’ve found it’s helpful for me to have a quick background of relevant moving pieces when people talk about their successes (or failures!). Paid off 100,000 in two years or retired at 33? I want to know where you LIVE what you STUDIED just the FREAKIN HOW ON EARTH of...

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Personal (Money) Manifesto

Before I start posting my monthly net worth updates (yes, you’re about to get very detailed info about my income and spending habits and lack of actual money every single month), I wanted to document a few beliefs/ideals/non-negotiables around money that I have. This...

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Hello? Is anyone there?

Filed under: Taboo topics we do not talk about #money I wish more people talked openly about money, so I thought I’d start writing about it.  Salaam, I’m H, the almost thirty something living in the DMV (close enough to DC for rent to be stupid expensive, far...

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Salaam, I’m H, the almost thirty something living in the DMV writing about personal finance for muslims.

Ugh, sounds like a snoozefest. Let me back up: I’m writing about the pursuit of financial independence (aka not working for money) in a high cost of living area makin’ not-an-engineer-or-doctor salary.

If you’ve ever thought about what the hell you should be doing with your money (you know, the few bucks left at the end of the month) in a legit (aka halal) way, join me 🙂

Current Net Worth


As of October 2020. Up from $34,555.40 in May 2020.