June 2021 in review: Money + Life

Today I’m going back to my roots to break down my expenses. It’s not until I really have to take a long hard look do I start to pare down my expenses. So, here we are. First, a look at the big picture:

June 2021May 2021
Net Worth Total$74,234$67,523

A breakdown of my most of my expenses

Ahhh, finally, breakdown time, which I haven’t done in a long time now, and it’s time to get back on track.

Car$413.25Last time I tracked this, it was $910 because I was making Mr. H’s car payments as well. I also have less than a year left on my loan which is extremely exciting. I’m resisting the urge to pay it off in one fell swoop 🙂
Up from $219 the last time I tracked this. This includes three sushi dinners and lots of…coffee..and gelato. Sadly, this does not include the $250 I spent at a steakhouse in July sooo yeah.
Personal Care$251Orangetheory membership, and some other personal care purchases.
Clothing$829I… have no excuse. I probably shouldn’t put off buying clothing though, and need to buy as I see things. On the plus side, I have absolutely no reason to buy clothes for the next six months+. I also am hoping to make some returns so this should improve.
Home Improvement$425This includes $200+ at The Home Depot, but technically we get $100 back through Amex. This also includes a new desk for Mr. H, who has been using a folding table for the last year.
Entertainment$49Kindle and Hulu
Travel$615Ahhh yes, that second $500 Airbnb charge and priority boarding for Southwest.
Groceries$290It is what it is
Hobbies$206Dropbox, Nytimes, planters from joann and a course for pinterest/etsy
Gas$194Not bad considering we now own a truck that average 11.5 miles/gallon…

The Life Part: 

I also want to document some general life wins, because it’s easy to forget all the good things that happened: 

Some wins from June: 

  • I TOOK A VACATION!!!!! With a friend! And while I missed Mr. H, it was truly amazing getting 10 blissful days in California with no expectations. So relaxing.
  • That is it, that’s the highlight.

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