December 2022 in review: Money + Life

Ahhhhh remember that time I thought I was going to be updating this monthly?! Lulz. Anywho, time to put the update together.

I truly wish I was better at this (and maybe I should use Quicken / a better tool than Personal Capital but then again who am I kidding).

Some guesses on how the year went before I dive in:

  • I think I did ok, all things considered. Mr. H left his position in late September, we did a lot more travel than our usual, and I still contributed a lil to my 401k and HSA. I think if my net worth remains the same, I’ll be thrilled.
  • I did spend a lot more money than I normally do. Ever since the house buying project was a flop in Feb 2021, I decided I’m gonna do what I want!!! and honestly it was nice to losen the reigns a little bit.
  • I definitely feel more committed to getting it together now though, especially since I got a lil work bonus and baby sized raise (I’d call it half a cost of living adjustment but I ain’t complaining)

Ok let’s get into it!!! Last we left off in Nov 2021:

November 2021December 2022
Net Worth Total$82,924$92,882

Holy smokes!!!! MashaAllah and Alhamdulillah. Absolutely was not expecting that increase. It’s especially encouraging knowing the market has been down anyway.

I wanted to do a breakdown of expenses but Personal Capital isn’t showing anything so yolo.

In life:

  • I went to Pakistan! For two whole weeks I hung out with my family and cousins and it was so so good. Such a good trip. Alhamdulillah.
  • Omg in october we went FOR UMRAH!!!!! it was such a special, such wonderful trip.
  • We flew business class!!! Thanks to points and miles
  • I’ve been getting into travel hacking!!! I’m seriously thinking of opening another credit card actually.
  • We celebrated 6 years in November!!! And we went to Texas to visit friends and family.
  • We moved our bedroom and furnished a lil living area! This added up with new paint, sofa, decor, and console table.

Looking forward, I want to pick up the pace just a tad. We’re still a one income family for now, so I’m hoping to just replace a few expenses with credit card points, mostly travel (since that is a big expense for us, we like nice things)

Mostly, I want to be at peace with where we are. I think I mostly am, but I would have love to bought a rental property by now. InshaAllah once I hit 150K net worth, I’m going to make the decision to begin looking for one.

That’s all for now!

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