August 2021 in review: Money + Life

My last net worth update was meh, so I’m getting back into it to make sure I’m still on track. I went from obsessively tracking everything to basically logging into Personal Capital only when I start a blog post. Even *I* have no idea how I’m doing 😀

After logging in… the 90 day change is… +$5,645. Perfectly average. Mediocre really. Let’s get into it!

As it turns out – the 60 day change is far less impressive 🙃 time to REALLY get into it.

August 2021June 2021
Net Worth Total74,723$74,234

Some thoughts

Honestly, I’m so happy to the investments going up because this is money that I chose to invest for our future!!!! I made about $3,000 in contributions to our brokerage account and that is nothing to sneeze at.

I ALSO took $3K out to invest in a flip that a friend is doing, which is not reflected here. Hoping for a 30%+ return inshaAllah.

A breakdown of my most of my expenses

Ahhh, finally, breakdown time, aka the time I truly re-think everything in my life.

Up from $572 the last time I tracked this. Obviously, this is going well. Sushi, bartaco, fish taco, shake shack…starbucks… are the major offenders.
Job Stuff$642A new category for a myriad of job hunting related stuff. Mostly, this is a $500 fee to have my resume looked over.
Personal Care$251Orangetheory membership, and some other personal care purchases.
Clothing$93.40An improvement from $800+ last month.
Home Improvement$519$200+ at Ikea and another $200+ Amazon. I don’t
Entertainment$41Kindle and Hulu and Spotify and Netflix
Travel$114Uber, EZ Pass
Groceries$377Up from $290.
Insurance/Auto$360Car insurance, some car parts
Gas$290And we’re still working from home 😅

The Life Part: 

I also want to document some general life wins, because it’s easy to forget all the good things that happened: 

Some wins from June: 

  • I TOOK A VACATION!!!!! With a friend! And while I missed Mr. H, it was truly amazing getting 10 blissful days in California with no expectations. So relaxing.
  • That is it, that’s the highlight.

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