2020 Goals and Looking Ahead

If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m amazed I even managed to write monthly on here. It was so easy and the time flew by so quick I can hardly believe I started in August and spent time thinking about writing every single month! I’m not even a writer, but it’s liberating writing my thoughts down and I have no idea why. Plus! Having a written record of my thoughts and feelings at a given moment in time is amazing. I keep going back to read past posts and I love it. 

And so, I want a place to document 2020 goals. Last year, I used trello to quickly jot down some thoughts, but because it was a new tool and therefore required a new habit, it got lost and I never really thought about it. But I think about this little corner of the internet that’s all mine every day so I thought I’d document my progress here.

So here are my thoughts – no editing. I had no intention of writing them as affirmations, but they kindof just came out that way. 

Here we go…

I will go to Orange Theory 8x per month, every month

I will read even more this year, and consequently reduce my social media usage.

I will not worry about travel experiences and vacations. I will let them happen.

I will make umrah with Mr. H this year.

I will dream bigger. I will set things in motion to buy an investment property.

I will become a senior analyst. I will set my career in motion to allow a partially remote career.

The side business will start seeing exponential growth. It will begin to be the source of my large charitable contributions

I will become a confident member of the community. I will go to events and say yes to volunteer opportunities.

I will host people 10x this year.

I will dress better and with more confidence. I will invest in one outfit that makes me feel undefeated. 

And finally because this a personal finance blog after all 😀 

I will make more money this year, and I will have saved $50k by the end of the year. 

Documenting progress every month.

To really hold myself accountable, I’ll be documenting progress every month (or every quarter?) so I can really see how things are looking. I will say – so far, so good 😀

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